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a lottery!

Getting a place in childcare services

We would never accept a 7-year-old child on a waiting list to attend school. The same principle should apply to childcare services. The deployment of childcare service spaces must become a government obligation, no matter what has to be done to achieve it.

It’s time for

a paradigm



How can we achieve that?

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so that access to childcare services becomes a right in Quebec:


Projet de loi libéral pour que tous les enfants aient accès aux services de garde

Le réseau des services de garde éducatifs à l'enfance a fait ses preuves. Pour nous, l'impact bénéfique des services de garde sur l'épanouissement des enfants est incontestable. C'est la première raison pour laquelle tous les enfants devraient avoir droit à une place.


 Nos propositions pour les services de garde éducatifs à l'enfance 


Modify the Educational Childcare Act to integrate the right to a space in childcare services, a right similar to the provision within the Education Act.


Complete the network within the next 5 years so that the 51,000 children on wait lists for childcare services are all provided with a space, including through prioritizing the creation of nursery spaces (0-18 months) and workplace spaces.


Convert 67,000 non-subsidized spaces into subsidized ones so that all parents pay the same fee.


Enhance salaries for all childcare service educators and implement a separate salary scale for those who possess technical or university training in early childhood education.


Create an accelerated training program for early childhood education that is similar to that created for beneficiary attendants during the COVID pandemic in an effort to recruit and train 10,000 educators.


Getting a place in childcare services should not be a lottery! We have an obligation to find solutions so that each child is able to fulfill their potential. François Legault needs to acknowledge the magnitude of this situation and work to ensure that access to childcare services becomes a right for all children.

Dominique Anglade, Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party

Sign our petition for parents, children and educators. Because access to childcare services is a right! 

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